The Caregiver’s Bookshelf: 6 Books to Add to Your Resource Library

By Ruby Baker

Are you a caregiver feeling alone in your daily challenges, or overwhelmed by the 24/7 experience of caring for another person? Know a caregiver who’s just starting out and needs encouragement? Check out these books — many written by caregivers themselves — and add them to your or a friend’s bookshelf this season.

The Conscious Caregiver by Linda Abbit

In The Conscious Caregiver, Abbit shows her absolute expertise in the field by making her readers feel understood while reading her book. This is a great read for anyone looking to learn ways to better themselves as a caregiver and a wonderful guide to helping their loved ones. 

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My Two Elaines by Marty Schreiber

In My Two Elaines, Schreiber writes candidly about his own experiences in caring for his wife with Alzheimer's. This is a fantastic book for anyone looking for a more personal voice in caregiving to loved ones with Alzheimer's, and for honest advice from someone who has been there too.

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The End of Old Age by Marc Agronin

In The End of Old Age, Dr. Agronin wants his readers to change their perspectives about aging in general and wants them to see it as a more positive process. Within the book, he offers space to fill up with an action plan for the reader. This book is great for anyone looking for a new perspective on aging: that it’s actually something far from negative.

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What's the Deal with Caregiving by Chris MacLellan

 In What’s the Deal with Caregiving, MacLellan puts forth his own experiences as a caregiver in order to help his readers find some sort of solace within his pages. This book is a great resource for anyone seeking to better care for their loved ones; MacLellan especially emphasizes diversity in caregivers and the different experiences of those caregivers.

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Who Moved My Teeth by Cathy Sikorski

In Who Moved My Teeth, Sikorski uses her legal experience to give comprehensive advice on health care, obtaining an attorney, creating a living will, and more. This is book is wonderful for anyone looking for ways to be there for their loved ones beyond just the daily hands-on tasks, as it gives practical advice on handling “back-end,” but nonetheless vitally important, work. 

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Showering with Nana by Cathy Sikorski

Showering with Nana is Sikorski’s memoir-style book in which she is real and raw about her experience as a stay-at home mother and a caregiver for her Nana. This book is a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking for a memorable and candid experience of a woman giving care to both her children and a grandparent. 

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Your turn: What caregiving books have you read & enjoyed? Share them here!