The Unseen Army of Caregivers: Meet Deb

 Photo by  Jamez Picard  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jamez Picard on Unsplash

Deb Hallisey is a blogger, caregiving consultant and founder of Advocate for Mom and Dad LLC. Deb is dedicated to educating caregivers of aging parents by helping to answer key questions: “Where do I start?” and “What do I do next?” Connect with Deb on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

What's your caregiving story? 

My caregiving journey started with seeing my dad through congestive heart failure. It continues today as caregiver for my 85-year-old mother.

What's the hardest part of being a caregiver?

Planning for the unknowns. Mom is still in her home, but how will this care plan change if she falls, needs surgery, runs out of money?

What do you need the most as a caregiver?

Validation that I am doing the right thing for mom and for me.

What worries you the most as a caregiver?

How much time do I have? Am I making the right financial decisions for mom? Is there a way to ease her dislike of having a 24X7 caregiver in her home? What will happen when she can’t stay in her home? How can I make plans for my own retirement when I don’t know what will happen with mom?

What do you want people to know about caregiving/your caregiving life?

 It is often frustrating and exhausting but a privilege none the less.

If you got unexpected time off from caregiving, what would you do/where would you go?

Head to a beach or visit with friends who live out of state.

YOUR TURN: What's the most validating thing someone said to you as a caregiver? 

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