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Low-Cost Solutions for Improving Accessibility in the Kitchen

Practical, affordable solutions for making the heart of the home a safer, more accessible place for older adults. 

6 Considerations for Designing an Accessible Bathroom

DID YOU KNOW? In America, more than 600 people each day are treated in emergency rooms for non-fatal bathroom-related injuries. Consider these 6 tips for making the high-traffic bathroom a safer place.

Considering Independent Living? Consider the Benefits.

This guest post comes from an independent living community in Denver, Colorado.

Coming Back From Loss: Elder Care Tips & Tools

Get four new tips and four new tools for your elder care resource list.

Top Tech Tips for Caregivers: 3 Ways To Incorporate Technology In Your Care Plan

Staying socially engaged leads to better health and longevity for older adults. Read this guest post for simple ways to use connect from near or far. 

Let Yourself Grow: Elder Care Tips & Tools

Add two new tips and two new tools to your elder care resource list. 

Why You Should Consider a Medical Alert Device

Learn more about the value of a medical alert device in this post, and explore available products.

Lean In to Caregivers: Elder Care Tips & Tools

Lean in to caregivers: hear their thoughts, worries, and wishes in my newly launched Voices blog, featured in this month's edition of elder care tips and tools.

The Best of Years, The Worst of Years: Elder Care Tips & Tools

Get two new tips and two new tools for your elder care journey.

Traveling Safely with Seniors This Winter

Richard Bitner of Visiting Angels shares winter travel safety tips for seniors.