Tailor your business or organization to better serve elders and their caregivers. By 2030, seniors will make up 20% of the American population, according to US Census projections. That also means that there are more people -- of all ages -- serving as family/informal caregivers. As a result, businesses, schools, community and non-profit organizations, employers, and other public and private groups must consider the needs and preferences of caregivers and elders in their strategic planning, integrating new initiatives and providing new services that appeal to these growing segments of the population.

I can advise accordingly, suggesting new ideas and advice based on my years of professional and personal experience, and by leveraging the expertise of contacts in my professional network. Here are a few examples of services I can offer:

  • Develop intergenerational programming for children and teens to interact with elders (grandparent reading program, mentoring, tutoring)
  • Develop monthly workshop offerings on caregiving/elder care topics of interest
  • Strategic planning services/brainstorming for board/staff
  • Assistance with marketing to seniors (evaluation of/brainstorming on appropriate materials, outreach methods, etc.)
  • Create a list of recommended books, ebooks, audiobooks, DVDs and other materials for caregivers of seniors to build a resource library

Rates start at $75/hour. Contact me to discuss how we can best work together.