Ongoing guidance and support for caregivers or elder care professionals via phone, email, or video conferencing. Whether you're new to caregiving, in the middle, or nearing the end of the journey, I am available to coach you through the challenges and joys, recommend resources, care and support services, and provide tools and tips to empower you in your role. 

We can chat by phone, Skype or FaceTime. You can email me the details of your caregiving situation and I can respond in an email with suggestions, resources, tips and tools. In some cases, an in-person meeting may be an option. I can connect by video or phone conference to join your family caregiving meeting as an objective third-party, or to provide suggestions and direction. Any of these services can be offered once or on a regular basis, whatever your situation requires and whatever your family may need or agree upon.

Rates start at $50/hour. Contact me to start the conversation about services and how I can support your caregiving work.