Introducing Care Match by repisodic

 repisodic is a healthcare  company that helps patients and their families  transition from the hospital to the best next setting of care.

repisodic is a healthcare company that helps patients and their families transition from the hospital to the best next setting of care.

This sponsored post is written by Preeya D’Mello of repisodic.

Most patients require some form of follow-up care after they are discharged from the hospital. This "after-hospital" care, commonly referred to as post-acute care, is very important in helping patients recover from an injury, illness, or surgical procedure. Getting the best follow-up care can improve the patient’s health outcomes, lower their out-of-pocket healthcare costs, and decrease their chance of being readmitted to the hospital due to health complications.

Putting together a strong discharge plan and properly evaluating follow-up care options is key to ensuring a smooth transition out of the hospital; however, finding a follow-up care option that addresses the patient’s personal and medical needs can be a challenging and demanding task. That’s why repisodic created Care Match!

Care Match is a free online resource on This service is designed to help you better understand post-acute care, find the best providers for you or a loved one, and smoothly transition out of the hospital and through the recovery journey. Care Match can be used for patients who are leaving the hospital and returning to a home setting and are looking for home care services. It can also be used to find long-term care hospitals or inpatient rehabilitation facilities for patients who may need residential rehabilitative care. For patients who are no longer looking for curative treatment or rehabilitative care, Care Match can help guide them and their families through the search for hospice and palliative care.

To start using Care Match, click the “Match Me to Care” button at the top of any repisodic website page. This will take you to the Care Match form. Once you complete this form, you will be connected to a Care Match representative who will serve as your follow-up care coordinator. Your Care Match representative will use the basic information that you provided to conduct an initial search for providers in your region that match your follow-up care needs. Within two business days of you completing the form, your Care Match representative will send you an email with their preliminary findings. They will also provide you with informational resources to help you navigate the follow-up care transition. These resources may include selection guides, blog articles, checklists, and links to elder care and caregiving support services.

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repisodic’s top priority is providing patients with unbiased quality data so they can make informed decisions about their post-hospital care. It’s important to remember that the initial list of follow-up care providers that your Care Match representative sends you is completely unbiased. repisodic is different from other follow-up care coordination services (such as or A Place For Mom) since we are not compensated by follow-up care providers based on how many referrals we send them. This means that our recommendations are based purely on quality metrics and data provided by Medicare.

The provider list that your Care Match representative gives you will connect you to each provider’s profile on repisodic’s free public website. These profiles contain quality metrics, photos, video tours, staff testimonials, patient and family reviews, and more. This information will help you evaluate and compare various providers so you can make an informed decision.

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Once you’ve reviewed your initial provider list, your Care Match representative can work with you to narrow down your follow-up care options based on the patient’s insurance policy and personal and medical needs. After they have identified providers that match that criteria, your Care Match representative will connect you with those providers so you can finalize your care arrangements.

Helping a loved one transition out of the hospital and into follow-up care is often a stressful and emotional experience. Remember that you are not alone and your Care Match representative is here to support you and your loved one and make this transition as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

About the Author
Preeya D’Mello works at repisodic, a healthcare company that helps patients, families, and caregivers find the highest quality personalized post-acute care. After graduating with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and working at a medical device company, Preeya is excited to be working closer to patient care by building out her company’s free consumer products and resources.