New Year, New Resources: Elder Care Tips & Tools

I'm excited to share elder care tips and tools with you here on the blog. Please know thatalso welcome your feedback on the content and suggestions for future topics. 

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Here are this month's tips and tools:

  • TIP 1: Join a support group. Caregiving is physically exhausting, but it's also emotionally draining. Plugging in to a support group is vital to preserving your emotional health. When you hear "I get it" or "I've been there," the empathy is validating and makes you feel less isolated in your journey. You will also find the encouragement you need to move forward: "Here's what worked for me" or "Maybe this will help." If you're not finding those things in a support group, look elsewhere. Need help finding a local or virtual support group to fit your needs? I can help.  

  • TIP 2: Get professional help. Burned out by providing care or confused about next steps in an elder care situation? Support groups are wonderful, but they are primarily for SUPPORT. While fellow group members may be able to recommend local resources, some caregiving situations are just so complex that you must add others to your care team to get the DIRECTION you need. 
  • TOOL 1: Geriatric Care Managers are trained professionals who know how to navigate the maze or elder care options available. Read more about Geriatric Care Managers or search for GCMs in your area.
  • TOOL 2: Elder Law Attorneys do more than just estate planning. Read my article, Elder Law Attorneys: What They Do, How They Help to better understand the services they offer, or start the search for an ELA in your area.