Meet the woman who has kept me busy as a freelancer since 2008...

...and check out her sleek new site!


Gina LaGuardia is one-of-a-kind in so many ways. Even though I'm a writer, it's hard to adequately summarize or describe all her incredible skills and gifts, and I am constantly pinching myself about working with someone so talented.

Throughout these six years of working together (we have still yet to meet in person but I feel as though we've been friends and co-workers for much longer than our six years!), I have added new skills, taken on new responsibilities, secured new clients through word-of-mouth as a direct result of working for hers, had articles published on sites I only dreamed of being published on (,, The Huffington Post,, have seen my name and work in print in a fashion magazine available on newsstands in NYC, have seen the Twitter chat I've co-moderated hit trending status several times, have interviewed amazing people, and have enjoyed full-time work -- before becoming a mom, I often worked 8-10+ hours a day doing writing, editing and social media management -- for SIX years and counting.

As I've learned by working in this industry, that is a very. long. time.

And in my six years, I've had other clients come and go, and other clients who were not nearly as easy or enjoyable to work with -- especially not with the same level of professionalism, camaraderie, or rapport -- as Gina.

Besides that, I've met some of the industry's best and am proud to work alongside them -- supporting each other, sharing each other's content, providing story leads, quotes, interviewees and more -- as part of the Gina LaGuardia Editorial Services (GLES) team. 

I am grateful beyond words for all the personal growth and professional opportunities that working with and for Gina has afforded. She's made my dream of being a writer come true in ways I didn't think possible, and I am happy to give back in even just a small way by promoting her new site and social media pages/profiles.