Elder Care Tips, Tools & Resources: Volume 1


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Tip: Offering Support, Respectfully
Understand that independence is a major issue: most people will go to great lengths to avoid getting any kind of help -- even if they know they need it -- because they don't want to be a burden. Suggest resources to them and let them decide to move forward or not. Give them tools so they are empowered to help themselves. Read more elder care tips here.

Tool: The Music & Memory Project
If you don't have an iPod for the person you're caring for, one visit to the Music & Memory Project website will likely persuade you to purchase one quickly. As music is a powerful medium for reviving memory, thousands of individuals with Alzheimer's have responded in extraordinary ways to this new initiative. Check it out here.

Resource: 2013 Facts & Figures Report 
Knowing more about Alzheimer's and dementia is an important piece of advocacy, no matter how you are impacted by the disease. Explore the latest statistics compiled and presented by the Alzheimer's Association; you'll also find help for those who are battling this disease and hope for a future where Alzheimer's is but a distant memory. Access the report here.