Post-Election Thoughts

Isn't it crazy how the much-anticipated, super-hyped presidential election happened this month, but it already feels like a lifetime ago? So, since it's still November 2012 for one more day, I thought it was worth sharing something I posted on my Facebook page the day after the election:

We have the ability to advocate for the changes we want to see in government anytime, not just when voting every 4 years for the president.

If you're patient, passionate and persistent, you might actually see change occur...and imagine how much more fulfilling, exciting and meaningful that change would be if you had a part in it, instead of looking to someone else for it?

You know those other people on the ballot? Your local, state and federal officials? Get to know them. Talk to them. Hound them about the things that make you tick. Do something about the things you don't like. Change what you can. Channel your disappointment or delight about last night's outcome into something good. 

Advocate. Participate. ACT.

Your turn: What issues would you be willing to/do you already advocate about?