Changes to come...

If all goes as planned, I'll soon be unveiling a brand new website, which will include a list of services available to those of you (community and corporate professionals, elder care providers, and family caregivers alike) who are in need of elder care resources, advice, or expertise. As my husband and I continue down the long and winding path to international adoption, keeping busy is one way to keep my mind off the chasm that stands between now and becoming a family of three. I'm also being proactive: seeking ways to diversify what I'm currently doing in order to challenge myself professionally and creatively, and to have several possibilities for work that are not associated with daily deadlines or being tied to a computer for 8+ hours a day (so that I can focus on our little one). These new offerings have been requested by many friends, neighbors, family members and colleagues already, so I am simply making it a formal part of my portfolio. (Special thanks to friend and fellow blogger/entrepreneur Hayley Croom for pushing me to do this!)

Stay tuned for the website's launch, and feel free to contact me with any questions about services to be offered.

If you're like me, you're itching for the official arrival of autumn. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy a productive end to the summer season!