Five Simple Words

Five simple words: I am a freelance writer. Yet it's taken me most of my adult professional life to accept and embrace this new reality, so saying those words out loud still feels terrifying and thrilling all at once. I spent years in jobs that I was really good at, jobs that paid well, jobs I was so passionate about that the lines between home and work blurred dangerously, but burnout/boredom was always inevitable. Then, I would spend countless hours searching for the next perfect job, applying for sort of perfect jobs, and perpetually in complete denial about the possibility of being a writer, which at the back (and front) of my mind was the perfect job. All the naysayers of years past and present were in my head, cautioning: "You should have a backup." or "Now's a really bad time to go freelance."

Well, to all of those practical, well-meaning folks (myself included), I say, "Watch me."